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A Break

thanks to technology we

can now measure ourselves

even while asleep as if

it were not enough to

quantify everything else all day.

speed limits, meeting times, calls,

dollars, cents, pounds, miles. starts &


quality. quantity. breathing.

heart rate. hours of REM, deep, wake.

my wearable monitors my movements

and minutes and sorts them

as a coin counter does

loose change. in the morning i get

a score between a hundred &


occasionally it’s in the nineties, if i check

all the right boxes, the length and depth and

appropriateness of it all. a hundred is

not possible, i am told. i wonder, though

what heights of rest i might achieve

if i were to lie perfectly still, my heart rate

at zero, the hours both infinite &


what is it to be tired

except the need to always


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